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If you are looking for some mystical Dwarf names, then here we help you to find the most suitable one.

What are Dwarves?

The dwarves are described as a very ancient people, who awoke at the First Age like the Elves, before the existence of the Sun and the Moon.

Dwarves are described as a stockier creature and are shorter than Elves and Men. They are able to withstand both heat and cold. The belong the middle-earth and prefer to live in underground and more particularly in cities under mountains.

Unlike Elves and Men, Dwarves were created by the Vala Aule. Throughout the First and Second Age, Dwarves we in a friendly relationship with the Elves and Men. However, in the Third Age, especially after the closure of Moria (a fabulous and ancient subterranean complex in the north-west middle earth) and they started to mistrust the Elves.

Lifespan, procreation and Gender:

Based of the different breeds of the Dwarves their longevity varies. Durin’s was ordinally lived long, but during the Third Age their lifespan got reduced and lived like most other peoples. Their average lifespan is about 250 years.

Only one third of them were female and not all marry. Most the female Dwarf looks and sounds like a male dwarf that other folk cannot differentiate them. This made a wrong impression that Dwarves grow out of stone. Dwarves appear to get mature pretty much slower than the humans.


As Dwarves are creations of Aule, they were naturally attracted to the substance of Arad and crafts. This made them to deal with precious metals by mining throughout the mountain of the Middle-earth. They are the greatest miners and builders to exist in the Middle-earth. They were considered unrivalled in arts such as metalworking, crafting, masonry, and smithing, even by the Noldor.


Dwarves use Khuzdul (a frictional language created by J.R.R. Tolkien, and it is considered to be the secret and private language of dwarves), a language made by Aule for them. Dwarves do not teach their language to others and so they learned both Quenya and Sindarin in order to communicate with Elves.


The Dwarves were divided into sever clans.

  • Longbeards
  • Firebeards
  • Broadbeams
  • Ironfists
  • Stiffbeards
  • Blacklocks
  • Stonefoots

In real time strategy game, The lord of the Rings and its expansion, Dwarves are heavily influenced by the military purpose and use axe, hammers, spears, and circular or Roman styled shields. If you have noted on of the unit of dwarf will be very similar to its Greek counterpart.