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Have you got bored of the common names that are usually suggested by someone else? If you are looking for some cool elves names for your favourite character for any game or for any other use, then this Elf name generator will help you in that case.

Elves, a popular fictional character, ranging from William Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, a classic fantasy novel of J.R.R. Tolkien 300 year later. Probably we would have read that most of these famous magical creatures are elves that work for Santa Claus at the North Pole.

Similar to fairies, it is said that Elves were diminutive shape-shifters. The English male Elves were described to look like a little old man, the elf maidens were invariable young and pretty.

Elves, fairies, and leprechauns are closely related in folklore, though elves characters specifically seem to be in existence from early Norse mythology. They have become the staple of modern fantasy fiction.

What is an Elf?

Elf is a mythical creature that looks like a human in nature, but has some magical powers. And is it said that Elf’s does not age (or they age very slowly).

The origin of Elf if from the Germanic lore, but they are also commonly found in other European folklore. Elves are seen as a luminous group of races who have fair complexions far more perfect than even the most beautiful human features.

How Elves look like?

The majority of the Elves described in the folklore are female but there are also male elves as well. The description of an elf appearance varies depending to the time period and location and the author who creates the story.

They are often said to have blonde hair and blue or grey eyes and have characteristics that are similar to humans but much more perfect in nature.

Male elves were often described to look like old men, but not in the call of other elves in literature. There are also some extremely handsome elves, if you have read Tam Lin and The Elfin Knight, you would probably agree with it.

Where do Elves live?

Like humans, the elves were said to live in Kingdoms found in forests, meadows, or hollowed trunks of trees.

Their existence is a myth. Some people don’t believe in the existence of elves, but there is still large population who maintains the belief of Elves.

Origin of the Myth

These are some of the sources or myth which tells about the origin of the Elves:

  • Arisen from Cain’s Murder of Able
  • Semi-Banished Angels
  • Lost children of Eve
  • Reborn into elves – “The Saga of Olaf the Holy”

Every generation have their own usage of elves in their stories. Just like leprechauns have associated with one type of work, it is not surprising that many common elves images depict them as industrious worker, like helpers of Santa.