Best Funny WIFI Names Generator : Impress Your Neighbors {500+}

Funny WIFI Names Generator

Not Connected

Lo_ok Maa, No Wires!

Limited Internet

Scroll It Down

Win this fre_e paid laptop

You are big spam.

Virus Injected!!!

Your facebook is hacked


Slow WiFi

Most of the home networks have a name that is the SSID of the primary home broadband router.

In general, the Wi-Fi network names or the SSID names will be a natural language name which can up to bytes long and will consist of ASCII and sometimes UFT-8 characters that are used to identify the wireless devices. Some people leave it with the default name, while others prefer to assign a personalized name.

Since, we know that, people will see the name of your network, using the default name will have no impact or any interesting element.

So, you have to give your Wi-Fi a good name and it is quite an added pressure to find a suitable name for your network. To make it quite fun or to add some fun element you might use some funny WiFi names.

Different ways to name your Wi-Fi safe:

People will be very creative when it comes to Funny Wi-Fi names. But a Wi-Fi name should do more than just catching the attention of others.

It should be clear enough to identify a wireless network and should be able to compromise the network’s security. One should consider the following factors while choosing the name for your Wi-Fi.

1.Unique and Non-Descriptive

The first thing you should always remember is not to reveal any of your personal information.

This will have some serious impact on your life. For example, you might think be attempt to show that this Wi-Fi network belongs to your family by giving your name or your last name, if so, we suggest you not to do that.

Just think how you give a chance to someone to spy on you if tends to find which network you are using. Sounds pretty imaginary?

It is advisable to select and use some Wi-Fi names that are unique enough and yet also sufficiently non-descriptive, so that it is not possible to reveal or associate them with any personal particulars of the individual, family or organisation.

2.Hidden and Fake Names

Most of the tech geek users sometimes change their default SSID to a default SSID of a different manufacturer.

The reason behind this kind of act is to create a false impression. For instance, a cybercriminal would be tricked and may use wrong hacking tactics.

However, these two strategies can be easily detected and solved. Because, anyone with a Wi-Fi analyser such as NetSpot can reveal all the nearby wireless network instantly, even if they have been hidden still it can see the information’s about the manufactures of the routers behind them.

3.Creative Wi-Fi Names

When it comes to Funny Wi-Fi names, some people will be so creative. You can also find some clever, cool and funny Wi-Fi name in this site. Some people use names like “Searching…, Connecting…” and much more.

These are quite cleverly, and can confuse others. Funny router names will be pretty cool if they make a clever reference or if it is created with an unexpected word play.

How to change Wi-Fi Name (SSID):

The web-based interface is provided to configure local network settings. Now you will be thinking how to do that?... Just follow the below steps.

  • Login to the Router Network:
  • Before logging in you need to find the IP address.
  • Press “Windows + R” >> type “cmd” >> press OK
  • CMD will appear. Now type “ipconfig” >> hit Enter.
  • The IP address will appear.
  • Get access to the Router Interface:
  • Open the Browser >> Enter the IP >> press Enter
  • The log in page will appear and enter the User name and password.
  • Change Wi-Fi name of your Router
  • After signing in, Go to >> Wireless option.
  • Under that you will find the option Network Name (SSID)
  • Enter the name you want to change and save settings.

Wi-Fi names may not be as important as a Wi-Fi password, yet it still important and notable factor. Get some good ideas here.