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With an ever-growing population, choosing names had become a difficult task. That too traditional or local names. To ease the task for you, we had come up with this amazing generator to generate name automatically. Sounds good isn’t it?

You can get the list of amazing names in just a few seconds. All these names are auto generated from out database of amazing names. In addition to this we also added some trendy names to it, to give a futuristic touch!

Beginner guide:

In Japan, people don’t use middle name. Therefore, they call others with a first name suffixed with San, Kun, Sempai, or some other respectful words. These words are use in place of Mr, Mrs, Ms, Sir.

Like other parts of the word, the surname is added to your first name if you are in china, Japan, or India. These are also called as family name.

It’s kind of identity for you. But unlike other country, in japan your family names comes first. If your family name is Akira, and given name is Hinata, then your name will be Akira Hinata. 

It’s like two names combined together. Where “Akira” means “light coming from sun" referring to "bright", "intelligent", "wisdom" or "truth". Hinata means “Sunny” referring to the bright side of a person. In future, she may be called as Hinata-san.

These are some of the terminology your need to consider before selecting a best name for your loved ones.

Note: In japan, people call other with their family name more than a given name. It is considering a token of respect. When it comes to friends, they call by the given names. These are the few important stuffs you need to consider before selecting a Japanese name for your loved ones.

Writing style

Here comes the real issue. Both japan and china uses complex logographic writing system named kanji system.

And the character used is called Kanji characters. The writing language is depending on the pronunciation of the name. And the most complex thing about this system is, a single character can be used to transcribe different words. So there lies a confusion.

For the effective usage of the writing system, all the characters are classified as Katakana and Hiragana Alphabets.

The used of the specific style depends on the pronunciation of the name. And the funny thing is, Japanese people love to keep their names as complex as possible. This indicates a true spirit of tradition and culture among them.

Gender Specific points:

  • Most of the female names in japan ends with syllable “Ko”, “Ta”,”Ka”,”no” referring to the female adjectives like beautiful, attractive, companionate.
  • Syllables such as “To”,” Ru”,”hiko”,”Suke” are used to describe positive characters like brave, win, success.

The meaning may vary when added to the other syllables. So, make sure to check the name as soon as you decided it.

Well these are the few points you should note. This is one of the very few generators to get good Japanese names. So, make sure to all the different combination of names. And don’t forget to share this with your friends.