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This name generator will give you different names for the Khajiit of the Elder Scrolls games. They are a race of humanoid cats. They are nomadic in nature, and their feline bodies give them great agility.

They are also known for their intelligence and trading skills. This generator is generated with rules similar to how the names in the Elder Scroll games seem to be created.

Khajiit names can be chosen to the simple sound appealing, without any meaning. Sometimes Khajiit takes a nickname with meaning, either cytosolic or Ta’agra. It can be taken additionally to the Khajiit name, either as a suffix or a prefix. It can also be used entirely used as a replacement for a normal Khajiit name.


The Khajiit creation myth include the references to powerful ancestor cats with the strikingly familiar names.

Their legends start with their original littermates, and Fandom. These two have given birth to all of the great spiritual children, including Alkosh the first cat, Khenarthi, Magrus, Mara, and S’rendarr.

The second litter of children soon followed, including Merrunz, Mafala, and Sangiin, among others. The moon is very important to the Khajiit, the moon decides what body type they take on.


Along with the Argonians, the inhabited Tamriel long before the elves arrived. Topal is the founder of the Ayleid empire, described a primitive but intelligent race of feline humanoids inhabiting the forests around the lake rumour when he arrived there with his expedition in the Merethic Era.

Eventually, the elves and humans drove the beast races into the southern extremes of Tamriel, into the forests and the marshes humans considered uninhabitable. Khajiit, are still considered little more than beast-men by many humans.

They were oppressed and enslaved by the rich families and primary industries in Morrowind, until very recently when King Helseth Hlaalu finally outlawed slavery.

They also had a strong racial dislike for Argonians, which caused tension in their southern cyrodilic cities.

Moon and The Khajiit breeds:

Phases of the Moons: Both the Khajiit appearance and physiology depend on the lunar lattice of Masser and Secunda during the time of its birth.

These appearances can vary drastically from one breed to another, with some Khajiit resembling the common house cat and the other Khajiit resembling huge bipedal jaguars. Depending on the phase of Masser, the Khajiit will take on one of the four main appearances.

The four groups are more variants which depend on the phase of Nim’s smaller moon, Secunda. Due to Secunda, more subtle than the variations due to Masser. Secunda’s phases determine how the bestial or any born Khajiit appears.

Khajiit breed: There are seventeen known breeds of Khajiit, though there are supposedly more than twenty.