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Orcs are were one of the fantasy creatures created by Tolkien. If you are familiar with The Lord of The Rings then you might know about the Orcs.

If you are looking for some names for your gaming character or trying to word a book where the villainous species is similar to Goblins or Orcs, then this site will help you to get it. For more options just click the generate option again and again until you find the perfect one.

What are orcs?

Orcs, a humanoid fictional creature which is a part of a fantasy race similar to goblins. The main concept of orc is taken from the fantasy writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, more specifically for The Lord of the Rings.

Tolkien’s work describes orcs as brutish, aggressive, repulsive and generally malevolent species and are mostly evil in nature.

This concept has be adapted and imported into other works of fantasy fiction as well as role-playing and strategy games lie D&D, Warhammer and Warcraft. These broadenings created a recognition of the creatures in popular culture.

Appearance and Nature

The appearance of the orcs are portrayed differently in fantasy fiction and games but they tend towards the descriptions as per Tolkien’s scriptures. The are more or less created with human shape with bowed legs and long arms and the height and size varies.

Orcs are generally ugly and filthy creatures with prominent fans and facial features tending towards the grotesque. Their skin tone is typically shade of green, grey, black, brown, and sometimes red or sandy tan.

Orcs are generally portrayed as aggressive scavengers and opportunistic carnivores. Mostly they are used as soldiers because of their low cunning and crude culture.

There is also exception as you might seen in movies or read in book that, some orcs are cunning leader of their own species such as Azog from the Tolkien legendarium.

Origin or Orcs:

Orcs were first described in the Tale of Tinuviel as the foul brooding of Melkor, who do evil works. List of origins proposed by Tolkien,

  • The Book of Lost Tales
  • East Elves (Avari)
  • Sentient Beasts
  • Fallen Maiar
  • A mix of corrupted Elves and Men

In the Game Middle earth, the orc hierarchy in the Mordor plays a major role in both the story and gameplay. The Lord of The rings was one of the unique and unparalleled experience and a story that have created a grave and fan base among the readers and viewers. Tolkien’s work gave life to his imagine vivid character which have no real comparison to match of his excellence.